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Teacher Career Development:
Gap Analysis,  Master Job Applications, Perfect Interview Performance.

Phixa offers three exceptional packages designed to propel you forward in your teaching career. Maximise your chances of promotion through meticulous gap analysis that pinpoints exactly where to focus your energies when building your experience base - and crucially, what not to do! Learn how to meet the personal specification requirements and write compelling application letters that impress selection panels. Additionally, receive tailored advice to help you prepare for the all-important interview and presentations.


Alternatively, address professional issues through our private, confidential mentoring and advice service. As your trusted confidant, we can tackle problems with candid advice from an experienced Headteacher. Get in touch today.

“Accepting the law of unintended consequences, valuing how useful the concept of productive paranoia can be and understanding the link between people's perception and their reality are just some of the nuggets that I have explored with Martin. It has really helped me navigate complex change management"

Head of Year, Bristol

career clinic

Career Clinic

Career Strategy and Acceleration: Expert Tools, Tips
and Techniques

Every teacher's journey includes moments of brilliance alongside areas with the potential to shine even brighter. Then there are those gaps we hope to remain hidden and the missteps we'd rather forget.


This isn't your typical nod-and-smile audit. Welcome to a profoundly personal, confidential coaching package designed exclusively for driven teachers with their eyes firmly on the next rung of the career ladder.


Here's what to expect: a thorough appraisal of your current position. We'll celebrate your triumphs; then, I'll provide candid feedback on areas ripe for refinement. I'll advise you on where not to expend more energy, assist you in shedding counterproductive habits, and design a strategic plan to address those unseen gaps.


If all Annual Reviews and Performance Management cycles did this, teaching careers would accelerate quickly ... This package is for those who don't want to wait for someone to take notice of them. 


Isn't it time to treat your career with the meticulous attention it needs and deserves? Act wisely: Step outside your organisational comfort zone and embrace frank, impartial feedback. Get in touch today and start taking matters into your own hands. 

Perfecting The Application

Gain Insider Tips: How to Write Outstanding Application Letters

Progressing in your teaching career hinges upon more than hard work and merit; it's not simply about being in the right place at the right time either. The truth is, the wrong people sometimes get the job. Ultimately, it's about how effectively you communicate your worth and how you maximise opportunities (or create them).


The application letter, for example, is pivotal, but the process is fraught with concerns: What to include? How do you articulate your achievements without sounding boastful? How do you ensure your passion for education shines through?

Enter my expertise. With this package, you're not merely getting advice. You're tapping into the vast experience of someone who has been in the Headteacher's seat, has sifted through countless applications and knows firsthand what distinguishes the outstanding from the ordinary.

The mission is straightforward: I'll guide you in crafting an application that represents your qualifications and achievements and tells your story compellingly. Together, we'll distil your strengths, experiences, and aspirations into a coherent and captivating narrative, ensuring your application stands out, meets the published criteria, and resonates with the selection panel.

This is beyond mere editing - it's about infusing your application with insights so that it doesn't just land on a desk; it commands attention, encourages, and excites. Thus far, I have a 100% success rate in getting clients to interview.


Ready to stand out?


The Informed Interviewee

How to Prepare, Perform and Impress in Teaching Interviews

Entering an interview room isn't just about showcasing your abilities—it's about navigating the intricate dance of school politics, understanding the unique ethos of the institution, and distinguishing yourself amidst strong contenders. Sure, you're answering questions, but simultaneously, you're tailoring them to fit every school's underlying currents.

So, this package isn't just a set of interview techniques. With my experience as a Headteacher, I've witnessed the diverse and often unpredictable preferences of different schools. Foundational tips are essential, but grasping a school's context and the unseen dynamics at play can truly set you apart.

This is about excellent performance. We'll practice, refine, and sharpen your responses and, most importantly, equip you to read the room, understand 'the unsaid', and position yourself as the solution the school didn't know it needed.

This isn't mere prep; it's insight, adaptability, and strategic alignment.


Ready to give yourself that nuanced edge?

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