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School Leadership Solutions: Retention, Performance, and Culture in the Post-Pandemic Era

I've developed three packages to assist school leaders in addressing common pain points: retaining talent, addressing teacher underperformance, and enhancing culture and climate. Alternatively, I can design a customised package tailored to your needs and look forward to hearing from you.

“He listens and you talk. He asks you questions and you talk more. Then something that you have been secretly worrying about for weeks is suddenly there, out in the open and it's ok; it's freeing. He helps you to look at it from different perspectives and you realise that you are navigating people's politics; I was in danger of playing to their narratives but now I feel back in control."

Headteacher, South West

reward to retain

Reward to Retain

Staff Retention Strategies: Career Coaching that Rewards
and Promotes Excellence

This programme recognises and rewards exceptional teachers who excel despite the challenges faced by the profession. By choosing the "Reward to Retain" initiative, you can express your gratitude and appreciation for their contributions, provide them with a unique and highly personalised CPD experience, and support their professional growth while encouraging them to stay longer with your school.


It is ideal for colleagues seeking promotion or considering leaving due to limited opportunities within the school. By collaborating with me as an independent career development coach, they can create a unique legacy project - approved by you - that will enhance their skills, enrich their portfolio, and make a distinctive contribution to the school's offerings. This results in longer retention: a win-win situation.


While you could handle this internally, outsourcing ensures confidentiality and exclusivity and adds gravitas. Moreover, it prevents additional workload burdens from being added to the existing SLT. Coaching sessions are conveniently scheduled outside school hours to minimise costs and disruption.


Contact me today, and let's begin creating a celebratory experience that meets multiple needs at a very reasonable price.

Address Under

Tackling Teacher Underperformance: External Coaching
that Makes Change Happen

Traditional methods of addressing teacher underperformance can erode trust and damage morale, exacerbating feelings of vulnerability and isolation. Why risk hindering progress and raising concerns about the school's commitment to staff well-being? Particularly amid a recruitment and retention crisis.


Instead, consider the benefits of outsourcing to me. I will externally coach your staff member, providing focused training and mentorship that secures their transformation.


It works because it is positive.


Invite them to join a private and confidential programme where no direct reporting back to the school from me happens. Instead, all reporting back happens via the teacher; they always control the narrative.


The result is that they are free to speak openly and honestly about their difficulties, and I support them through coaching and training to overcome their issues. You get a self-transformed teacher with sustained and improved performance.

external coaching

Climate and Culture

Improve Behaviour and Culture: Confidential Diagnostic
with Strategic Planning

The education landscape has shifted post-pandemic, and not all transitions have been smooth. As school leaders, it's easy to sense when things feel misaligned - this is a chance to be pragmatic and proactive and address them. 


Spend a day with me in your setting. Receive a clear, unbiased view of your school's operations from an experienced Headteacher and culture expert: no embellishments, no sidestepping— just direct, constructive feedback. The day aims to capture everything from the glaringly obvious to the subtle cultural nuances.


Why Choose the Reality Check? Because you're not in the market for spin or quotable soundbites. You value genuine critique, can handle objective truths, and know that things can hide in plain sight. Harness the insight this day brings to drive impactful change. 

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