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Bespoke Solutions for Small Business: Quick Fixes and Creative Ideas to Boost Sales

Small businesses frequently grapple with challenges such as operational inefficiency, the need to outpace competitors, unique pain points, and strategic growth planning.


We offer three cost-effective packages to help: an objective assessment from a customer perspective (think not so mysterious mystery shopper), our Transformation Toolkit - Phixa: 10, and our in-depth Phixa: Deep Dive program.


My work offers you fresh perspectives coupled with expert coaching. Picture a more prosperous future for your business. 

"I was sceptical initially, but Martin quickly changed my mind with innovative strategies and ideas I would never have thought of. His coaching was practical and to the point, and the WhatsApp check-ins kept me on track. The Phixa: 10 package has been a great investment, and I've taken out a retainer to give me ongoing coaching. He's really good at holding me accountable and checking I'm doing what I said I would—my business is definitely doing better, and I am enjoying it again”.

daily ops

Assess Daily Operations

Quick Fixes, Big Results: Fast, Actionable Audits to Streamline Operations

Our approach is straightforward. By observing your operations, we pinpoint areas where minimal adjustments can yield substantial improvements. Maybe it's a case of enhancing customer relations, streamlining processes, or galvanising a team.


Once you've grasped these foundational insights, you can act on them - with or without our help. Quick, simple, insightful.

The Phixa:10

Creativity Boost: Ten Innovative 'Next-Level' Ideas to Implement

With Phixa:10, you receive ten potent, bespoke suggestions crafted to invigorate your business.


Each solution is innovatively crafted and designed for swift, actionable impact. Implementing any of them can give you a return on your investment and a more dynamic business.


The Deep Dive

Business Growth Bootcamp: Develop and Launch Your Big Idea

Choose one of the ideas we present in the Phixa:10 package - or suggest another strategy you've thought of - and through our dedicated coaching programme, we'll help you refine the chosen idea, set clear objectives, design actionable strategy and tactics, and ensure that you vigilantly monitor your project's progression.

deep dive
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